Bloc's Amazon Alexa TechTalk

Amazon and Bloc have teamed up to launch developer training on Alexa, the voice service that powers the Amazon Echo.

In this TechTalk, Bloc Mentor Mark Carpenter -- creator of ASK Dev Weekly (a weekly roundup of Alexa resources) -- and Bloc student Henry Schaumburger will share more about Alexa, how to get started, and demo their first Alexa Skill.

Jo Jaquinta
11 months agoApril 19, 2016
Thanks for the shout out to StarLanes!
I do think it is one of the most "complicated" skills out there. It's got complex multi-user interactive strategic game play, an in-game currency, a quest engine, user to user messaging... Rather a lot. It really proves what you can do with the platform.
2 months agoJanuary 19, 2017

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